We inspire better people and happier athletes


Onika here.

What's the meaning of athletic excellence? It is about more than just physical training. Our team triples down on mental performance knowing that the combination of physical and mental skills training is what truly makes the greatest athletes.

The Hidden Hundred started with the simple idea that the more athletes we introduce to the concept of mental excellence in sport, the higher we can raise the average athletic performance of athletes all across Canada. We’ve made it our business to help athletes close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

But it is not all about athletics. We inspire better people and happier athletes. We know it goes beyond performance in competition. What you do and how you feel in life, at school, in relationships and at home will determine how you show up in your sport. The Hidden Hundred train’s athlete performance on- and off- the field of play.

The three principles that we base all of our programs off of here at the Hidden Hundred:

Mindset first

  • Most people think giving it 100% refers to physical performance. When it does, sure, it makes for a great athlete. But mental performance is the hidden 100% that makes the best athletes. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying.

diverse team approach

  • A diverse team ensures that you will be in the right hands. Our Mental Performance Consultants have different backgrounds, approaches, and areas of expertise. Together we will create a comprehensive training program tailored to your individual needs.


  • Athletes mental states are most volatile just before and directly after competition. We are available around the clock for coaching on and off the floor. We also offer “just-in-time” coaching support for the parents of our athletes. We know it takes a village.

The three values that define every one of our actions with our athletes are:


  • Progress is a two-way street with our athletes. We strive to create open relationships with our athletes that are built on the foundation of collaboration.


  • Commitment means, "We got you."

    We understand the diversity of challenges that athletes go through. At HH we are committed to overcoming and maintaining high, clear-minded performance.


  • At HH we make sure to set achievable, individualized goals to motivate our athletes to be the best they can be.

We're excited to welcome you to the Hidden Hundred family. We hold a high standard for our athletes. If you think we'd be a good fit for you or your team, please reach out and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

- Onika Green