Sports excellence achieved through the training and development of mental skills.

we help athletes

stretch themselves:

We help athletes expand their performance threshold by training their mental muscles.

Mental skills training is the difference between good and great. Our Mental Performance Consultants work with athletes from youth sport to professional levels, and everyone in-between. Whether you are in a rut, or searching for a competitive advantage, we have the solution for you.

Team-based collaboration:

Every client gets the attention of every one of our specialists at some point in the project.

At the Hidden Hundred we believe that a diversity of experience ensures creativity and quality when approaching mental skills training. That's why we make sure to involve all of our team members in every project that we take on. With this philosophy, we guarantee an experience and outcome different from every other player on the market.


We remove barriers and empower growth with unique, proven strategies.

Webinars and Workshops

  • We provide athletes with a safe space to explore the impact of mindset on performance outcomes.
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1-on-1’s with Athletes

  • We create tailored, individualized techniques and support for athletes. Whether you are in a rut, or searching for a competitive advantage, we have a solution for you.
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Sideline Support

  • We can be there for you during training, at home, and at the main event.
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teams we've worked with

Check out just a few of our favourite clients.

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